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Dale Carnegie


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The goal of How To Stop Worrying And Start Living is to lead the reader to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, helping them to become more aware of, not only themselves, but others around them. Carnegie tries to address the everyday nuances of living, in order to get the reader to focus on the more important aspects of life.

Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Born into poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), a massive bestseller that remains popular today. He also wrote How to Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948), Lincoln the Unknown (1932), and several other books.
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    Ally Aleksshared an impression6 years ago
    🔮Hidden Depths

    Helped me to change my way of seeing life to more positive, careless way. Loved it.


    Amey Joshihas quoted3 years ago
    And although days of depression did creep in occasionally after that, especially when I was tired, I would tell myself not to think or try to reason with myself on those days-and gradually they became fewer and fewer and finally disappeared.
    Amey Joshihas quoted3 years ago
    He had so little faith in human nature that once, when he signed a ten-year contract with an independent refiner, he made the man promise not to tell anyone, not even his wife!
    Amey Joshihas quoted3 years ago
    Why don't YOU make a list of the rules you have found helpful in the past-and write them out here?

    Ways I Have Found Helpful in Overcoming Worry:

    1 __________________

    2 __________________

    3 __________________

    4 __________________

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