Erotic Photography, Alexandre Dupouy
Alexandre Dupouy

Erotic Photography

Erotic photo art has lost much of its exquisite soul since Playboy and other girlie monthlies repackaged the human body for mass-market consumption. Like much painting, sculpture and engraving, since its beginning photography has also been at the service of eroticism. This collection presents erotic photographs from the beginning of photography until the years just before World War II. It explores the evolution of the genre and its origins in France, and its journey from public distrust to the large audience it enjoys today.
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Александра Остапчук
Александра Остапчукshared an impression6 months ago
👍Worth reading

giraffashared an impression4 years ago


ïra chi
ïra chihas quoted2 months ago
the boundary between art, the nude, eroticism and pornography is very difficult to define, given that the differences are so much a question of culture and education

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