Hugh Lofting

The Story of Doctor Dolittle

Doctor John Dolittle loves animals. He loves them so much that his home and office overflow with animals of every description. When Polynesia the parrot teaches him the language of the animals, Doctor Dolittle becomes a world-famous doctor, traveling even as far away as Africa to help his friends. This edition of the beloved children's classic contains black-and-white illustrations by Michael Hague and has been edited by award-winning authors Patricia and Fredrick McKissack for modern audiences.
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    raquel Verahas quoted13 days ago
    I—er—er—I hope you will all live happily ever after."
    b7517555483has quoted2 months ago
    "Money is a nuisance," he used to say. "We'd all be much better off if it had never been invented. What does money matter, so long as we are happy?"
    raquel Verahas quoted3 months ago
    "But animals don't always speak with their mouths," said the parrot

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