Laura Lovecraft

Sis, Is That You

Sam just found a site that seems too good to be true. You go on, search for local girls, and cam with them. Sam figures why not, and signs up. He connects with 'Naughty Kitten' and has one hell of a time. The rules of the site are you only show neck down and Sam wishes he knew what she looked like. Turns out he already knows…when he discovers Naughty Kitten is his big sister Ashley!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Sam entered the dining room and came up behind Ashley who had her back to him. Reaching around her, he put his hand in her face.

“Read it and weep, sis! Look what I got!”

“Get your hand out of my face, you dweeb!” she put her hand on his forearm to push it away then stopped. “You have a class ring,” she spoke softly. “And a red bandaid.”

“Yeah I got a class ring!” he laughed. “The one you said I’d never get and…” he stopped when he looked at her hand on his arm. Her nails were electric blue. The same as Kitty’s. Wow, that was an awkward coincidence. But Ashley always painted her nails in neon colors.

“Sam, we’re all proud of your ring. Even your sister.” Dad spoke up. “But get your hand out of her face and sit down and eat.”

“Sorry, Pop.” He gave Ashley a last look, but she now had her head down and he wondered what was up with her.

Mom noticed too as when he made his way to the other side of the table, she asked. “Honey, you okay? You have a headache?”

“I…I’m okay, I think.” she barely whispered.

“She’s just bummed because I got my ring and she can’t bust me up anymore.” Sam joked as he pulled his chair out and sat down.

“Wow, mom those chops look good!” he exclaimed, picking up his fork and reaching for the platter in the center of the table to spear one. “I’m starving and…”

He stopped in mid-sentence when his eyes landed on Ashley across the table.

She was wearing a black hello Kitty t-shirt.

“And what?” Dad prompted.

“And, um…I can’t wait to dig in.” he managed to finish. He stabbed a chop and whipped it onto his plate so quickly it almost slid off, but he didn’t want the folks to see his hand was shaking.

His entire body was trembling and he felt as if someone kicked him in the stomach.

“Jeez, kid, they’re not going anywhere.” Dad joked.

Sam forced a weak smile, then stared at his older sister. The shirt, the nails…her long hair that was currently pulled into a pony tail, was dirty blonde.

Ashley still had her head down and his heart hammered in his chest when he realized he now knew exactly what Naughtykitten96 looked like. She finally looked up, her baby blue eyes meeting his before she quickly looked away.

Sam had just had cybersex…with his sister!
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