Joseph Little

The Hunger

Combining urban fantasy and horror, The Hunger follows a young homeless girl, Charlotte, as she tries to survive 'life' in 1814's Paris.

Charlotte quickly finds that starving on the streets of Paris is not the worst fate that could befall a young lady. Horror such she has never imagined lurks just below the city's streets.

When she finally emerges from the catacombs, she is beaten, battered, and dead.

With giant hooks still piercing her legs, Charlotte tries to blend in with those around her constantly in fear of being discovered as a ghoul, an ever-hungry monster. As she tries to 'live' a normal life on her own terms, she finds the task more and more difficult.

Will she succeed at living on her own terms, or will she succumb to the constant whisperings of Hunger incarnate?
368 printed pages
Original publication



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