Jane Lark

I Need You: HarperImpulse New Adult Romance

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Guilt can eat away at you, but love can cut like a knife…
Wanting his best friend’s girlfriend is a cliché Billy knows well – it’s the tightrope he’s walked for years.But now Jason and Lindy have broken up and Billy can’t help but be there for the girl he’s loved from afar for so long. She’s hurting.
Fighting to find a road to the future, Lindy’s heart hurts. She’s trying to escape the truth, but Billy keeps making her face it – and it’s ugly. How can she keep living when it feels like everything around her is made of glass and it could shatter at any moment?
Her one constant is Billy. Only, rebound isn’t his style and when Lindy starts to see him in a different light, he just can’t trust her. He’s no one’s second best.
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    ruthangerhas quoted2 years ago
    mind it; she looks trust- worthy.”
    “Billy! My clothes!” How
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted4 years ago
    “You better look after my big brother…”
    “Oh I will,” Lindy answered, looking up at me. “He is gonna get back all the love he gives… and I owe him years of it. I’m in some deep debt
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted4 years ago
    The water ran over my head in rivers––because I do love you. I LOVE YOU…
    Lindy had really said that.
    A huge great, fat smile parted my lips.
    I laughed out loud.
    She’d said it. I’d sensed it, but who knew with Lindy…?
    She’d said it!
    The words had exploded in my chest, like a firework shooting off.
    After all this time… After years… The girl I loved––loved me!
    As my hands rubbed the shampoo into my hair, the leather bracelet slid around on my wrist. The bracelet she’d given me when she was fifteen that I’d never taken off. Faith paid off. I’d always known what she knew now. That we needed each other… We were soul mates

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