Lady Gaga, Christian Guiltenane
Christian Guiltenane

Lady Gaga

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Today one of the most successful music stars in the world, Lady Gaga fast became a household name after the release of her first album, The Fame, in 2008. This biography charts this remarkable young woman's rise to the very summit of musical superstardom, covering her early years at a Roman Catholic school in Manhattan, her first forays into music writing and performing, her early struggles to find a break in an industry that didn't initially appreciate her abilities, her eventual breakthrough, her philanthropic work and, of course, her look. It discusses how she is noted as much for her flamboyant dress sense and extravagant live performances as her undoubted musical ability, fascinating fans and critics alike. Comparing her to the glam rock entertainers David Bowie and Queen, this book discusses how Gaga is unlike any other musician performing today, and charts how such singularity has won her numerous accolades, including five Grammy Awards and 13 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as being listed by Time magazine as one of the world's most influential people.
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