Oscar Wilde

The Star Child

Found in the forest and brought up by a shepherd, an exquisitely beautiful child grows into a cruel and selfish boy. He rejects his true mother and from that moment his beauty forsakes him.
21 printed pages
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    allisonclouse1shared an impression6 years ago
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    A gorgeous story about the consequences of cruelty and the rewards of a kind hand. Definite read.

    MMshared an impression3 years ago
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    al mshared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading
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    ann k.has quoted9 months ago
    'the old Earth is dead and they have laid her out in her white shroud.'

    'The Earth is going to be married, and this is her bridal dress,
    meghasinghjadaunhas quoted2 years ago
    Into a house where a heart is hard cometh there not always a bitter wind?'
    meghasinghjadaunhas quoted2 years ago
    And the man answered nothing, but stirred not from the threshold.

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