Bliss Carman

Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics

    Katherine Woodshas quoted3 days ago
    If death be good,
    Why do the gods not die?
    Katherine Woodshas quoted10 days ago
    Surer, serener,
    Fuller with passion
    And exultation,
    Let the hushed whisper 40
    In thine own heart say,
    How I adore thee.
    Katherine Woodshas quoted10 days ago
    Love fills my heart, like my lover's breath
    Katherine Woodshas quoted10 days ago
    And then her mouth, more delicate 5
    Than the frail wood-anemone,
    Brushes my cheek, and deeper grow
    The purple shadows.
    cherrypickhas quoted2 years ago
    Like a red lily in the meadow grasses,
    Swayed by the wind and burning in the sunlight
    cherrypickhas quoted2 years ago
    When I have departed,
    Say but this behind me,
    "Love was all her wisdom,
    All her care.
    "Well she kept love's secret,— 5
    Dared and never faltered,—
    Laughed and never doubted
    Love would win.
    "Let the world's rough triumph
    Trample by above her, 10
    She is safe forever
    From all harm.
    "In a land that knows not
    Bitterness nor sorrow,
    She has found out all 15
    Of truth at last."
    cherrypickhas quoted2 years ago
    Tell me what this life means,
    O my prince and lover,
    With the autumn sunlight
    On thy bronze-gold head?
    With thy clear voice sounding 5
    Through the silver twilight,—
    What is the lost secret
    Of the tacit earth?
    cherrypickhas quoted2 years ago
    Over the roofs the honey-coloured moon,
    With purple shadows on the silver grass,
    And the warm south-wind on the curving sea,
    While we two, lovers past all turmoil now,
    Watch from the window the white sails come in, 5
    Bearing what unknown ventures safe to port!
    So falls the hour of twilight and of love
    With wizardry to loose the hearts of men,
    And there is nothing more in this great world
    Than thou and I, and the blue dome of dusk.
    priscilahas quoted3 years ago
    Souls of lovers yet unborn.
    priscilahas quoted3 years ago
    Hark, my lover, it is spring!
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