The Magic of Science

Daniel has spent his entire childhood aboard Mephisto Station, a government outpost in perpetual orbit around Earth's moon. His daily studies are the center of his world; beneath the watchful eyes of his grandfather, the Elder Lazaro Sol, Daniel learns the intricacies of the global domination game, perfected by Grandfather and his fellow Elders over the course of centuries. In fact, he is soon to be initiated as a full Elder himself, and is proud to be the youngest ever inducted.

But, when one of Grandfather's seemingly routine security assignments turns out to be far more than expected, Daniel is beset by new suspicions about the Elders and his own role in their schemes. Plagued by nightly visions of a mysterious future, Daniel's mind begins to unravel . . . and when he falls in love with Maia, the beautiful but distant figure invading his dreams, he must race to re-examine every detail of his life and beliefs as he is drawn toward his inevitable destiny . . . and a choice that could affect the fate of millions.
402 printed pages
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