Julia B Daniels

Lose Weight In Record Time With the Fast Metabolism Diet

Just like there are foods you eat that weigh you down when it comes to high fat and rich ingredients, there are also foods that you can eat that give off the opposite effect. These foods are known to increase your metabolism and help you shed unwanted pounds. Find out what they are in the book “Lose Weight In Record Time With the Fast Metabolism Diet – How Certain Foods Can Help You To Shed Those Extra Pounds”. You will learn what the metabolism really is and how it works. Once you've gained an understanding of that, you'll see how certain foods can actually help speed it up and as a result you will lose weight. This is not something you want to go overboard with so you'll need to know exactly how to do it. This book provides guidance on that. There is a chapter each dedicated to breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes so that all your meals are covered.
35 printed pages
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