Joe Craig


Part eleven-year-old boy, part robot assassin, Jimmy is on a mission to rescue his parents in an adventure that’s “The Bourne Identity for kids . . . pure gold!” (The Times, London).
Some days are normal, and other days you realize you can handle more than you thought. But when Jimmy Coates wakes to find he can outrun, outjump, and outfight anyone—even the men in black suits that are after him—he knows this kind of overnight change doesn’t happen to normal people. And as it turns out, Jimmy isn’t normal at all.
Now he’s on the run from men with mysterious green stripes on their cars and helicopters. He doesn’t have time to figure out who they are—or who he is. First, he’s got to survive, and he’s going to need every last bit of his newfound superpowers to do it.
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