William Walker Atkinson,Yogi Ramacharaka

The Inner Teachings Of The Philosophies and Religions of India

This book gives essential insights on Indian philosophy and religion and offers twelve lessons on what you need to understand when diving into this topic.


The First Lesson — The Land Of The Ganges.
The Second Lesson — The Inner Teachings.
The Third Lesson — The Sankhya System.
The Fourth Lesson — The Vedanta System.
The Fifth Lesson — Patanjali's Yoga System.
The Sixth Lesson — The Minor Systems.
The Seventh Lesson — Buddhism.
The Seventh Lesson — Sufism.
The Ninth Lesson — The Religions Of India. (Part 1)
The Tenth Lesson — The Religions Of India. (Part 2)
The Eleventh Lesson — Hindu Wonder-Working.
The Twelfth Lesson — The Vedas ; And Glossary.
338 printed pages
Original publication


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