Veronica Sloan

Daddy's Forbidden Desire – Volume 3

Desperate to free himself of his daughter's temptations, Dale struggles with his insatiable lust. While Katie teases him with obscene phone calls, Dale loses focus at work. Margaret, Dale's sassy young secretary, knows her boss is having an affair and hates that it's distracting the powerful man she loves. To get his head back in the game, she offers herself to him instead. But the relief doesn't last. After Margaret leaves on vacation, Katie comes home to spend the night with Mom and Dad. Telling her mother that she's heartbroken over her boyfriend, Katie asks to sleep in her parents' bed. Now Dale is stuck between his wife and his daughter, and Katie says she can't sleep…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Katie's eyes batted up at him. “Do you remember what it feels like to break up with someone? When part of you is sad but part of you is horny and wondering?” She actually made her eyes water. “I'm just a little messed up. I'm sorry I teased you. Can't you feel a little bad for me?” she whispered. “Can't you feel for me, daddy?” As she spoke her eyes closed. She tilted her face up to his and pouted her mouth; and in the moonlight she was so soft, and vulnerable. How could he not?

He reached up and caressed her cheek. “I'm sorry, honey,” he said. “I didn't realize. But you're…it'll be okay.”

She gave a weak sob and he bent down to kiss her forehead. She raised her head and let his lips slide over her skin. The kiss slid down to her nose, paternally. She continued to raise her face and he lightly pecked her on the mouth. She didn't move that time but continued to sniffle, so he pecked her again. This time she parted her lips ever so slightly but didn't press against his. He placed his hand on her other cheek. “It'll be okay,” he murmured. She stretched her neck for another kiss.

“Will it, daddy?”

This time when he kissed her she moved her lips with his. “Mmm,” she murmured into his mouth. He didn't pull his face away this time and she opened her lips all the way and slipped her tongue into his mouth. He started to pull away but she sobbed again, as if on cue. Their next kiss was wet and she breathed into his mouth.

Within him, his stomach churned with longing and despair. Instinctually, he wanted to protect her, and she'd made it clear that his kisses were showing her the attention and love she needed. But that wasn't the only instinct at work, and he needed her to stop pressing against him.

He caressed her neck and she eased against his hand. She gave a whimper that forced him to take her hand from his arm and kiss it; it was the sound of her need. He kissed her fingers.

“Daddy, I can feel you.”
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