Michael Widmore

The Introvert's Guide To Coping With The Real World : Adapt, Survive & Thrive In The World Of The Extroverts!

You will learn what makes introvert the way they are, their neurology — or how they are built, advantages and disadvantages of being one, and actual techniques to survive and thrive in this world where, extroversion or outgoing personality traits are rewarded, and introversion is considered weakness!Introversion is actually something you are naturally born with. However you can learn to adapt and manifest extroverted personality traits should you desire.Introversion and extroversion are really just functions of energy depletion and recharging, nothing else! This book will give you different strategies to undermine those limitations and take advantage of the unique gifts, introverts possess!Please take a look at the TOC below, to find out the things you can learn, and subjects discussed in this book.=================TABLE OF CONTENTS=================IntroductionOur Motto: “You're Okay But Only In Tiny Doses.”How Does Introversion Influence Character?Being Around People Drains EnergyIntrovert TraitsBenefits Of IntroversionOther AdvantagesStops And Smell The Roses. Life Teems With Little Surprises.Typical Issues With Being An IntrovertGet Out Of Your Comfort Zone-- But Stay In Your Sanity ZoneSmall Talk As A Part Of LifeIntroverted BrainsMaintain EquilibriumIntroverts And EnergyDevelop GoalsRelationships With Special Outgoing PersonalitiesFinding Your TribeJoin A ClubProducing Time Buffers Between ActivitiesRecognizing That You Are Not AloneIt's More Of Giving Not ReceivingCharacteristics Of ExtrovertsHow Are Extroverts Different From Introverts?Friendships Keep Them Healthy And BalancedBenefits Of IntroversionGoing From Introvert To ExtrovertIntrovert To Extrovert ExerciseWhat People Think Of You Is None Of Your Business
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