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Join award-winning writer James Steen for a feast of facts, stories, recipes and tips about food and drink.

Delving into forgotten corners of gastronomic history, Steen reveals what Parmesan has to do with broken bones, why John Wayne kept a cow in a hotel and how our attitudes to food have changed over the centuries. Laying bare the secrets of the kitchen, he concocts the ultimate hangover cure and explains how to cook perfect rib of beef with the oven off.

With much-loved cooks including Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood sharing their passion and know-how, this mouth-watering miscellany will sate the appetite of every kitchen dweller, from the masterful expert to the earnest apprentice.
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    A bit like memorial services, but in a pub rather than a church, and with booze and food instead of prayers and hymns.
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    When grating Parmesan cheese only very slight pressure should be exerted. Forgive my rusty Italian, but la grattugia deve baciare il formaggio, which (fingers crossed) translates as ‘the cheese grater should kiss the cheese’. The point is, grating Parmesan should be a gentle action, not a bicep-building exercise.
    Misha Malyarovhas quoted6 years ago
    Knife tip
    Always carry a knife pointing towards the floor. Unless lots of people are lying on the floor.

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