Carol Marinelli

The Innocent's Shock Pregnancy

She gave him her innocence…
Now she’ll be his convenient bride!

Wherever ruthless billionaire Ethan Devereux goes, the press follow. So when he discovers the astonishing night he shared with talented actress Merida ended in pregnancy, he moves fast to contain the scandal. Suddenly Merida lands the biggest role of her career—playing the part of the loving Mrs. Devereux. But she knows the real challenge is pretending she can walk away from their electric chemistry…
“Ms. Marinelli has delivered an absolutely riveting read in this book where emotions run high, the sexual tension between this couple builds and builds until it spills over onto the pages wonderfully in nicely-detailed romantic moments”—Harlequin Junkie on Claiming His Hidden Heir
“A lovely, atmospheric, and touching romance”—Goodreads Reader on Captive for the Sheikh’s Pleasure
175 printed pages
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