Kathy Brown

Homemade Insect Repellents

It’s That Time of Year Again When Uninvited Guests Creep and Crawl Their Way Into Our Homes!

Bugs, mosquitoes and whatever else creeps and crawls into our space without our permission!

How rude they can be!

If you spend time outdoors or leave your windows open a lot, you may discover that you have attracted insects into your home or you have insect bites.

Want to keep them out? Looking for natural DIY insect repellent recipes that will not leave you soaked in horrific chemicals?

Yeah, you certainly do! Do you want to use those highly publicized corporate poison? Of course not! I don’t want them on my skin and neither should you!

Luckily, I have put together all-natural, organic safe remedies that work well. Yes, natural insect repellents to the rescue. Oh, I should mention they are fantastically easy, cheap to create, and very effective.

You’ll find:

Simple and easy homemade Insect repellents to prepare
Natural Insect repellents To Use
Home Care for Bug Bites
Additional Tips and Warnings

That’s it. Simple and cost-effective recipes that are quick and easy to put together and you’re done!

Download This Book to Enjoy Your Insect-Free Summer!!!
16 printed pages
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