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Tarot Cards For Beginners

Although it may appear that we have unraveled the mysteries of the Universe through our sciences, it is apparent that we have yet to unravel more. Even scientists are aware of the limitations of science. The world operates through various mechanisms that we do not fully understand yet. It is controlled by a force we cannot see. One thing is certain--whatever it is, its effect greatly affects our lives. People who know the secret to this operation have found a way to unravel it. Although few literature and books exist in the world today, some became a part of our lives. One of these, and the most effective, perhaps, is the Tarot cards. Tarot cards have the ability to illuminate and reveal the future as well as shed light on the aspects of present that could lead to the divined future.
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    Todo lo abarca muy rápido pero da una buena idea de las bases.

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    Anette Højer Jensenhas quotedlast year
    Major Arcana cards are linked to, hence, reveals and describes the spiritual causes of the events in a person’s daily life. Major arcana, then, is used to extract the lesson that must be learned from each experiences either in the past or in the present.
    Nanna Aistrup Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    Purple signifies emotional energy and compassion. Cards with prominent purple color like the Lovers which signifies compassion for a partner and Justice which represents compassion for the people we meet every day reveal that, while we tend to build an emotional bond with the people what are closely associated with us, over time, through maturity, we can learn to extend compassion even to those we do not fully well know yet.
    White represents freedom from all forms of impurity. Cards containing white as its predominant color represent purity of motive as with Tarot cards such as the Six of Cups (used to refer to people in their sensual moments) and the Magician.
    Nanna Aistrup Hansenhas quoted3 years ago
    Red represent zeal, eagerness and passion for life and for dealing with it and its many challenges. Cards which has a predominant color of red (e.g. the Emperor) reveals a persons’ behavior towards life and his attitude on approaching it.
    Red and orange are somewhat adjacent in the color spectrum thus orange also signifies passion and enthusiasm with approaching life. Compared with red, though, cards with prevalent orange color signifies zeal and enthusiasm in lesser degree than red.
    Yellow represents intellectual ability and signifies a person’s tendency to approach life and its various challenges intelligently. Cards which feature yellow as the predominant color (e.g. the Sun and the Strength) signifies curiosity over life as well as a person's tendency to act on logic and reason based from analysis.
    Green is the color of nature. It represents harmony and balance and cards with green signifies a holistic approach to life (zeal, intellect, caution, compassion and purity). In the Rider Waite Deck, though, cards with predominant green color are rare.
    Blue signifies the spiritual aspect and its realm. Furthermore, color blue represents a balanced understanding of the spiritual aspect. Cards with the predominant blue color signify spiritual intelligence, which enables a person to survive and go through life in a completely new level.

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