Jason Kwan

Mindful Love

Have you ever noticed how some people have a fulfilling love life with someone who genuinely cares about them while others struggle with their relationships? We often think that’s just luck or genetics. “It’s just the way things are…”

But what if “bad luck” were actually due to our upbringing, self-beliefs, and ways of communicating? What if we could learn and change if we were given the right tools and paths to self-discovery?

We can. This is specifically why I wrote Mindful Love.

This book is perfect for you if you:

— Are seeking a long-term relationship

— Have experienced heart-breaking breakups before and find it hard to get past the resulting trauma

— Always end up with the wrong person

— Have difficulties handling conflicts within a relationship

— Easily overreact to relationship issues with anger or anxiety

I have experienced severe breakups before. I have dated the wrong person for the wrong reasons. I studied techniques from pickup artists because I was terribly insecure, and I made a lot of mistakes in my romantic relationships. Fortunately, since then, I have met someone special and I have learned how genuine, loving, long-term relationships work. I decided to pack all of what I’ve learned into this book so that you can avoid my mistakes.

Here are just a few of the things this book can help you with:

— Identifying traumas and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having a healthy relationship

— Displaying your personality in an authentic and attractive way during first dates

— Using the right lens to find the right person to start a relationship with

— Understanding your partner on a much deeper level right from the beginning of the relationship

— Learning simple yet powerful communication techniques that will help you effectively resolve conflicts with your partner

— Handling breakups with the kind of mindset and methods that will minimize any traumatic effects

And so much more.

This book is really close to my heart—I truly believe what you’ll find here will help you experience love in its fullest and purest form. If you don’t enjoy the book, I will refund you any time, no questions asked. If you have any questions about the book or anything involving relationships, feel free to email me at

Let’s start your journey.
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