Whispers: Poetry from My Soul, Carol Stone-Taylor
Carol Stone-Taylor

Whispers: Poetry from My Soul

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Whispers: Poetry from My Soul presents a collection of soulful glimpses into Carol Stone-Taylor’s spiritual journey. God is our constant companion on our journeys. His loving-kindness is manifested in the joys of life and love along with the pain of sorrow and death. God’s glory, blessings, mercy, and grace surround us and breathe life into us.

As a child of God, Stone-Taylor celebrates the growth through which she is constantly discovering the presence of God in her life. Through her poetry, she expresses her awareness of His omnipotent presence in all aspects of life.

The collected verses in Whispers: Poetry from My Soul are her revelations of God’s awesome, loving nature and the reality of His Grace in her life.

A Georgia Snowstorm
An unpredicted blizzard blinded midnight warriors,
as pristine blankets of snow smothered April’s flowering daffodils.
Streetlights glowed like moonbeams in crystallized halos.
Georgia pines bowed to the wind’s whispers. …
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Phyllis Spinks
Phyllis Spinksshared an impression8 months ago
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Indeed lovely, very inspiring , speaking in a spiritual manner certainly explains alot of insight , on a holy presents, GOD. One has yet to experience. Bravo.

aujahnesampsonhas quotedlast year
Remember, my daughter: Jesus said, “One sows and another reaps. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labors.”
-John 4:37-38
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