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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Chronicles of Avonlea

239 printed pages
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  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    But she had such a habit of asking weird, unexpected questions, which a Philadelphia lawyer couldn't answer. Miss Rogerson had that class once and Anne routed her, horse, foot and artillery. I wasn't going to undertake a class with a walking interrogation point in it like that.
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    But, no, Josiah would not stay. He was thankful to make his escape with such rags of self-respect as remained to him.
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    "We are much obliged to you, Mr. Spencer," said Ma icily, "but this baby is OURS. We bought him, and we paid for him. A bargain is a bargain. When I pay cash down for babies, I propose to get my money's worth. We are going to keep this baby in spite of any number of uncles in Manitoba.

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