Chantelle Shaw

Reunited By A Shock Pregnancy

A mix-up at a wedding reunites a divorced woman with her wealthy Italian ex in this steamy romance from a USA Today–bestselling author.
Sienna should not be secretly attending her ex-husband’s wedding, but she has to see the woman Nico De Conti has replaced her with. Until she realizes Nico isn’t the groom . . . Mortified, she can’t escape the church fast enough! But when Nico follows her, their burning fire spectacularly reignites, leading to one last night in Nico’s bed . . . A night that leaves Sienna shockingly pregnant with the Italian’s child!
Get lost in this marriage-reunited romance!
Praise for Reunited by a Shock Pregnancy
“Author Chantelle Shaw gave Sienna and Nico’s tumultuous romance a few twists and turns that made this entertaining as well as bittersweet. . . . I think true old school Harlequin fans will devour this romance and will get swept away in our couples’ travels from England to Italy and even to Africa.” —Harlequin Junkie
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  • pukkihas quoted4 years ago
    The enormous blue silk hat decorated with peacock feathers could only belong to his mother, Nico thought wryly.

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