William Cornelison

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In the world of Avariu, there are as many majesties as there are tragedies.
Vandelas Kronas lives a simple life in a quaint village in the prosperous kingdom of Vermalio. But everything is turned upside down when he is killed on the night of his birthday. By the intervention of an enigmatic spirit of nature, he survives and gains the power to freeze anything.
The pain and shock from that attack motivate him to finally ask for his parents' permission to take the training needed to follow in their footsteps. There is one problem: he is a sheltered Kindhrin, a member of a dead race of demons that destroyed their homeland-beings that are deeply despised by the Vermalians.
Steadfast to his wishes, Van must learn to control and strengthen his new power while hiding from an entire mansion of seasoned knights and the ambitious pages he will train beside his true heritage, or be put to death the moment he is exposed.
559 printed pages
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