Rene Descartes

A Discourse of a Method for the Well Guiding of Reason / and the Discovery of Truth in the Sciences

88 printed pages



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    Fifa Bouhas quoted2 years ago
    also did I imagine, that those people who formerly had been half wilde, and civiliz’d but by degrees, made their laws but according to the incommodities which their crimes and their quarrels constrain’d them to, could not be so wel pollic’d, as those who from the beginning of their association, observ’d the constitutions of some prudent Legislator
    Fifa Bouhas quoted2 years ago
    Its good to know something of the manners of severall Nations, that we may not think that all things against our Mode are ridiculous or unreasonable, as those are wont to do, who have seen Nothing. But when we employ too long time in travell, we at last become strangers to our own Country
    Fifa Bouhas quoted2 years ago
    And considering how many different opinions there may be on the same thing, maintain’d by learned Men, and yet that there never can be but one only Truth, I reputed almost all false, which had no more then probability in it

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