Cynthia Carrier,Derrick Carrier


Many times we question the «Test•I'm•on•y?»® (The Test I'm On, Why). We may not always receive the answer(s) we hope to hear. This book will inspire you to hold the course and not give up regardless of the “why”.  Journey with the authors as they share very transparent testimonies. She was in a previous seemingly  "God-ordained” marriage that ended in divorce. Why? Find out how he KNEW Cynthia was the one. Be inspired, be encouraged and remain steadfast as you read God's guidance in their lives.
27 printed pages
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    hank you for taking the time to read our story. It is our prayer, your faith is encouraged in God and that you obey Him.
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    Derrick and Cynthia give all praise to God for bringing them through every trial with joy. In spite of the pain and struggles, God thank you for still being able to love and laugh with one another
    Jannellajayeehas quotedlast year
    . Praise God for the power of prayer and faith
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