100 English Dialogs – A Traveler’s Companion – Practical Thematic Dialogs for Your English Language Needs, Rhett Marvell
Rhett Marvell

100 English Dialogs – A Traveler’s Companion – Practical Thematic Dialogs for Your English Language Needs

251 printed pages
100 English Dialogs is an indispensable traveler’s companion. Particularly useful for readers who want to amplify and diversify their English skills, the purpose of this quick reference guide to vocabulary and structure is to raise awareness of improvement potential and provide exposure to spoken English, while encouraging and challenging readers to explore common patterns of usage that are essential to modern English communication.

Beginners, intermediate, and advanced non-native speakers will be able to increase their vocabulary and conversational skills, while improving their command of both spoken and written English. Readers are encouraged to expand their knowledge through numerous other pertinent sources—many of which mentioned in their respective dialogs.

Whilst there is no substitute for reading the book in its entirety, whether you are planning an in-depth study or not, these resources are here for your use, to employ in the way which will best suit your English-language needs.
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