Zoe McKey

Rewire Your Habits

Do you plan well but never take action? Frustrated at your lack of willpower and discipline?

If you always run out of stamina before reaching your goals, the problem is in your goals.
What’s could be wrong with your goals?
Not motivating because they are unrealistic and unattainable.
• They are designed to make other people happy.
You fear judgment and rejection.
•You lack the self-esteem and confidence to start.
You get bored easily by monotone actions.
Goals can give direction, but powerful habits will make your goals inevitable. Whatever you aim for, a healthy relationship, an emerging business, or becoming physically more active, the right habits are your keys to success.
Rewire Your Habits discusses which habits one should adopt to make changes in 5 life areas: self-improvement, relationships, money management, health, and free time. The book addresses every goal-setting, habit building challenge in these areas and breaks them down with simplicity and ease.
Zoe McKey, based on her coaching experience, backed by the scientific studies of experts identified the most problematic life areas that need habit changes. After long years of research, she extracted the most common goal setting and habit building issues her clients faced and presented their solution in this book.

Adopting one good habit helps you accomplish numerous goals.

How to control the changes in your life.
• How to define and set the right goals and habits.
How to set achievable goals.
• How to work towards your goal each day.
How to manage your energy and time.
• Discover your self-sabotaging habits and break them.
Practical advice from experts on how to keep yourself healthy.
• Key tips improve your personal relations.

“Well begun is half done…” said Aristotle. So don’t hesitate.
75 printed pages
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