Jimmy Cooper

Body Language

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    you care about them. That’s why the best public speakers always look like they’re looking directly at you.
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    When speaking to a crowd, you should always try to make eye contact with every section of the crowd so they feel like
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    Chin Back and Down

    When someone does this, it could mean the person feels judging o
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    As they’re trying to open up to you, they may have their palms open. Whenever they want to express anger, they’ll ball their fists
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    regardless of a person’s social awareness, body language does play a major part in how people communicate.
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    wants to come across as entertaining or high-energy, they’ll frequently move around
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    they want to express anger, they’ll ball their fists.
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    they may have their arms out wide to emphasize how big said idea is.
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    Others will see this as a sign of being defensive, as a way to tell others to back off. Then, there are those who see crossed arms as a sign that you’re bored.
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    arm crossing has always been an interesting body position.
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