Remote-Entrepreneurship, Joseph Ong
Joseph Ong


340 printed pages
remote-Entrepreneurship™ marks a seminal contribution in the evolving field of entrepreneurship. Evidence-based and market-tested, the concept, model and strategy of r-entrepreneurship™ is set to help scores of people and aspiring entrepreneurs overcome their fear and dilemma of leaping from a stable corporate life to starting a business. With r-entrepreneurship, one can start a successful business without having to leave his or her job. The book documents a groundbreaking approach to entrepreneurship that has never been so exhaustively examined before. Broadly divided into two major parts — the theory and practice of r-entrepreneurship — it chronicles step-by-step the 10-year journey and stunning performance of author Joseph Ong’s reallife business “experiment” — One Rochester Group — all while excelling in a multinational company. Readers will appreciate his wisdom, acute observations and practical know-how, and get to learn new exciting terms like Collective Leaders™ (c-Leaders™), Parental Responsibility Over Business (“PROB”), remote-Management System and many more. remote-Entrepreneurship is a revolutionary approach to entrepreneurship that promises significantly less risk and dramatically higher chance of success. Already embraced by academics and practitioners as a next-big concept to look out for, it will inevitably change the face of entrepreneurship as we know it. remote-Entrepreneurship is your complete strategic and tactical guide to having your cake and eating it too!
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nzbenjamin09has quoted3 years ago
In the past decade, the rise of technology has made markets and industries more competitive, also saturating many areas. New technology has made old business models redundant. Digital channels have lowered barriers to entry and increased globalization.3 The ease and ability of international players to step into different territories has further increased the competitive landscape for many industries and businesses.
From an economic theory point of view, there is now less “information failure.” Due to increased competition, the price for consumer goods has fallen and profits are squeezed.4
To make matters worse, in many countries, the demand for good management and staff increases significantly as new market entrants from established international players and new local players increase manpower demand and cost of operations. The ability to hire good help and retain it is extremely crucial.
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