Teri Agins

The End of Fashion

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The time when “fashion” was defined by French designers whose clothes could be afforded only by elite has ended. Now designers take their cues from mainstream consumers and creativity is channeled more into mass-marketing clothes than into designing them. Indeed, one need look no further than the Gap to see proof of this. In  The End of Fashion, Wall Street Journal, reporter Teri Agins astutely explores this seminal change, laying bare all aspects of the fashion industry from manufacturing, retailing, anmd licensing to image making and financing. Here as well are fascinating insider vignettes that show Donna Karan fighting with financiers,the rivalry between Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and the commitment to haute conture that sent Isaac Mizrahi's business spiraling.
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    The Blueprinthas quoted6 years ago
    The impudent McQueen liked to shock the French establishment, such as the time he told Le Monde that handmade couture embroidery looks “like vomit.”
    b3780412987has quoted2 years ago
    French designer clothes in general were too contrived, too uptight, or just too weird looking. “
    b3780412987has quoted2 years ago
    Women want attractive clothes that function in the real world, “not something that is impossible to walk and drive in. You know, clothes that fit into your life.”

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