Stephen Florida, Gabe Habash
Gabe Habash

Stephen Florida

362 printed pages
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This dark, gripping tale of an obsessed college wrestler is “one of the best novels of the year” (NPR).
Stephen is in his final wrestling season at his North Dakota school, and he intends to win the divisional championship in his weight class. He thinks about little else, in fact. It will make up for the failures of the past. It will prove something to the world. It will be the fulfillment of a promise to himself, and a tribute to his late grandmother, who raised him after his parents’ fatal car crash.
As the competition in Kenosha, Wisconsin, grows ever closer, Stephen will grow ever more consumed—and unsure of what comes next—in this “utterly engrossing” literary debut (Dan Chaon, author of Ill Will).
“[A] burningly, bitterly funny tale of college student Stephen, who throws himself into wrestling to face down his fears.” —Library Journal
Stephen Florida’s grim portrait of ambition led astray captures how competitiveness and masculinity can unravel those who blindly follow its codes.” —The Atlantic
“Habash writes about the raw physicality of wrestling better than anybody this side of John Irving . . . A lively, occasionally harrowing journey into obsession.” —Kirkus Reviews
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Mohamad Naas
Mohamad Naasshared an impression2 years ago
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Good book
It's very good 👌

Hanan Aghalarova
Hanan Aghalarovashared an impression2 years ago

I very much want this book because it seems very interesting

Karim Harti
Karim Hartishared an impressionlast year
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by Rachel Holscher
Author photograph © Nina
I’ve felt it that I’ve forgotten what choice feels like. There are scientists in the polar circles and missionaries in Micronesia, these people choose to be put in foreign, forgotten places for science or God service, and they can lean over the rim of renounced free will, they kneel down in the church and say, “I’m ready to hear about what God has in mind for me!” and get the water sprinkled on their heads. I am in North Dakota, in a town called Aiken,
hwnamhas quotedlast year
Coach Hargraves is a nice man but I don’t listen to him. The year my coach told me to “envision the perfect match, and then strive to materialize it,” I lost more matches than any other year. Now I conserve the energy I’d use listening, save it for myself, while in front of me Hargraves’s glottal hum hits around my ears and my brain skitters down. Simpleminded thoughts stand up in my head, like flowers, like individual top-heavy sunflowers that bow and slump over when they can no longer take the weight.
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