Jan Moran

The Perfumer

A young French perfumer. A world at war. A personal vengeance that could destroy a family.

**From a USA Today bestselling author.**

Europe, 1939: At the dawn of World War II, French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt and her German husband strive to ensure their family's safety, yet neither of them can foresee the ultimate cost. From London to Paris and Germany, Danielle struggles to find her missing child and aid the Resistance, even as she grieves her losses.

As the war intensifies, Danielle is forced to seek refuge in America to save the lives of her remaining family. She draws on her skills as a talented perfumer to life her family out of crushing poverty. Yet even as she forges a new life among the Hollywood elite, she cannot forget her lost child nor the man who risked everything for her. Set between privileged lifestyles and gritty realities, The Perfumer is one woman's story of courage, spirit, and resilience.

Originally published by St. Martin's Press and in audio as Scent of Triumph, this beloved, bestselling saga has returned. Also by Jan Moran: The Chocolatier, The Winemakers, and Hepburn's Necklace.


“A sweeping tale that transports readers from the lavender-scented fields of Provence to the pulsing boulevards of Paris… Heartbreaking, evocative, and inspiring, this book is a powerful journey.” — Allison Pataki, New York Times Bestselling Author of Sisi and The Accidental Empress

“A novel that gives fans of romantic sagas a compelling voice to follow.” – Booklist

“A stylish, compelling story of a family. What sets this apart is the backdrop of perfumery that suffuses the story with the delicious aromas — a remarkable feat!” — Liz Trenow, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Forgotten Seamstress

“A sweeping saga of one woman’s journey through World War II and her unwillingness to give up even when faced with the toughest challenges.” — Anita Abriel, Author of The Light After the War

“A gripping World War II story of poignant love and devastating, heart-wrenching loss.” — Gill Paul, USA Today and Toronto Globe & Mail Bestselling Author of The Secret Wife

“Jan Moran is the new queen of the epic romance.” ―USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Forster

“A captivating tale of lovedetermination and reinvention.” — Karen Marin, Givenchy Paris

Utterly inescapable. Jan Moran’s masterful romance comes with a bonus: she interweaves this romantic tale with a behind-the-scenes look at perfumery.” ―Allegra Jordan, author of The End of Innocence

“An epic journey with the most resilient of heroines as our guide. It is a story to savor, like the most beautiful of perfumes…riveting from start to finish.” — Samantha Vérant, Author of Seven Letters from Paris

“Hard to put down…captivating. A ‘must-read.’” — Marvel Fields, Chairman, American Society of Perfumers

“Courageous heroine, star-crossed lovers, splendid sense of time and place capturing the unease and turmoil of the 1940’s; HEA.” — Heroes and Heartbreakers

“A thoroughly engaging tale, rich in all five senses.” — Michelle Gable, Author of A Paris Apartment
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