The Little Lame Prince / Rewritten for Young Readers by Margaret Waters
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Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
Tim­o­th­y's Quest / A Story for Any­body, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read It

Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

Timothy's Quest / A Story for Anybody, Young or Old, Who Cares to Read It

Grace Arlington Owen
Mod­ern Amer­i­cans / A Bi­o­graph­i­cal School Reader for the Up­per Grades

Grace Arlington Owen

Modern Americans / A Biographical School Reader for the Upper Grades

Po­ems Teach­ers Ask For / Se­lected by read­ers of "Nor­mal In­struc­tor-Pri­mary Plans"


Poems Teachers Ask For / Selected by readers of "Normal Instructor-Primary Plans"

John L.Hülshof
Read­ing Made Easy for For­eign­ers - Third Reader

John L.Hülshof

Reading Made Easy for Foreigners - Third Reader

Frances Little

The House of the Misty Star / A Romance of Youth and Hope and Love in Old Japan

C.Alphonso Smith
An­glo-Saxon Gram­mar and Ex­er­cise Book / with In­flec­tions, Syn­tax, Se­lec­tions for Read­ing, and Glos­sary

C.Alphonso Smith

Anglo-Saxon Grammar and Exercise Book / with Inflections, Syntax, Selections for Reading, and Glossary

Frédéric Bastiat
What Is Free Trade? / An Adap­ta­tion of Fred­eric Bas­ti­at's «Sophismes Écon­im­iques» De­signed for the Amer­i­can Reader

Frédéric Bastiat

What Is Free Trade? / An Adaptation of Frederic Bastiat's «Sophismes Éconimiques» Designed for the American Reader

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