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Patrick Smith

A Land Remembered

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    Rachel Piermonthas quoted3 years ago
    “They killed Tuck, Pappa! They cooked him and et him right here in the yard! And they took Buck with them when they left!”
    matthewmadera1990has quoted4 years ago
    I don’t think the Lord would turn skeeters loose on a bunch of pore cows. It musta been the devil instead.”
    Brandon Iveyhas quoted4 years ago
    as hard as it did the first night I seen it. Makes me want to stomp around in it
    Brandon Iveyhas quoted4 years ago
    Tobias watched her, and then he crossed the room and said, “You’re a right good-looking woman, Emma. Every time I see you do your hair like that it hits me just
    Brandon Iveyhas quoted4 years ago
    Tobias patted his stomach and said, “I wish I had a pipe and some tobacco. A man needs a smoke after a meal like that.”
    b7589174223has quoted5 years ago
    Cows, horses, mules, corn. Whatever. They’re even taking ever nigger they can find. And they’re on their way here now. It could happen tomorrow.”
    “I wish it would and be done with,” Tobias responded, chewing the tough bread. “I been here over two weeks and I’m ready to go back home and see to my wife and boy.”
    “I know what you mean. I don’t ever want to cut down another tree. We must of chopped two thousand logs by now.”
    KAITLYN TEACHOUThas quoted5 years ago
    almetto and pond cypress. A mother raccoon with her brood of babies scur
    Biggieboy2has quoted5 years ago
    I bought a little something for you in Kissimmee. It ain’t much, but I thought you’d like it.”
    Biggieboy2has quoted5 years ago
    I got a idea, Skillit. Why don’t you stay on here for a while? You would be a big help to me and Zech.
    Biggieboy2has quoted5 years ago
    We have hog meat back at the house. We can feed you something if you’ll go back there with me.”
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