As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner
William Faulkner

As I Lay Dying

«Faulkner’s greatest work»—The New York Review of Books
«One of the most perplexing novels of the modernist canon»—The Conversation
As I Lay Dying is a 1930 novel, in the genre of Southern Gothic by American author William Faulkner. Faulkner said that he wrote the novel from midnight to 4:00 AM over the course of six weeks and that he did not change a word of it. Faulkner wrote it while working at a power plant, published it in 1930, and described it as a "tour de force." Faulkner's fifth novel, it is consistently ranked among the best novels of 20th-century literature.
The title derives from Book XI of Homer's Odyssey (William Marris's 1925 translation), wherein Agamemnon tells Odysseus: «As I lay dying, the woman with the dog's eyes would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.»
The novel utilizes stream of consciousness writing technique, multiple narrators, and varying chapter lengths.
183 printed pages
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what a weird book. totally lost on me


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A good carpenter. Addie Bundren could not want a better one, better box to lie in. It will give her confidence and comfort.
Valerie Seredynska
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