Luc De Brabandere

The Forgotten Half of Change

Best-selling author of Thinking in New Boxes and Fellow in a $5 billion international consulting firm, BCG, Luc de Brabandere shares the secrets to change that are not just vital to businesses, but life itself.

Throughout history, human beings have adapted to improve their lives and shape the world as we know it. But as the world changes, so must our perception of it—even what we create.

Using approachable, witty, and engaging examples from philosophy, science, technology and linguistics, Luc de Brabandere explores the dangers, both in business and in life, of relying on habit and repetition. Behaviors that work for us one day may not the next. To truly move forward, we must not just embrace what works, but constantly explore what could work better.

This constant exploration is what drives change, inspires creativity, and fosters dynamic strategy in all facets of life, especially business, where innovation and out-of-the-box thinking has led and will lead to humankind’s greatest tomorrows.

Both a clever and eye-opening guide and an invaluable vault of knowledge, The Forgotten Half of Change provides tools for strategic management that adapt to the test of time.
247 printed pages
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