Shelley Klein

The Book of Senior Moments

Have you ever referred to your oldest and closest friend as 'Thingy'? Reached the top of the landing, only to realize that you have no idea why you came upstairs in the first place? Congratulations – or commiserations – you've had your first senior moment! Fear not, for help is at hand. The Book of Senior Moments introduces the reader to a wonderful collection of these little passages, drawn from the experiences of everyone from politicians to pundits. It includes exit strategies for when you've been ambushed by your memory, as well as tips on how to avoid getting ambushed in the first place. Part guide, part humorous overview, and crammed with advice, examples, anecdotes, confessions, tips, retorts and excuses, this is an absolutely essential book for anyone growing long in the tooth and short of memory.
190 printed pages
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    demblalhas quoted2 years ago
    sink your teeth into a steak … and leave them there.

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