Cunnilingus Secrets: How to Give a Woman the Best Oral Sex of Her Life, Svetlana Ivanova
Svetlana Ivanova

Cunnilingus Secrets: How to Give a Woman the Best Oral Sex of Her Life

Cunnilingus is oral stimulation of the vulva and/ or clitoris. It's estimated that up to 70% of women will not be able to reach a satisfying climax without oral stimulation. Many women prefer cunnilingus to sexual intercourse, and for women who require a large amount of clitoral stimulation (which is most women), it is the easiest way orgasm. There is no specific way to make a woman orgasm with cunnilingus, as everyone has different sexual preferences. However, by learning new oral sex techniques you'll be able to increase your overall chances of bringing her to climax. You have the potential to give your woman, or any woman, the most mind-blowing orgasms she has ever had by learning to give great cunnilingus. If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life, then cunnilingus certainly should become part of your sexual repertoire.
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