Michel Ngue-Awane

Poor Land or Poor Minds

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Human nature rejects poverty, and everyone can be successful; controversially, most people are deprived. A paradox of this kind is mostly caused by confusion and lack of understanding of the real source of wealth. Everyone who grasps the secret of success will always be better off. This secret is within everyone's reach. Your mind is the storehouse of success and failure. Choices that you make are choices that make you. Although no one like poverty, many people remain poor, not through anyone else's fault but through personal choices. People mistakenly think that the wealth of the land determines how wealthy its citizens should be. Such assertions are not necessarily true because citizens create the wealth that makes the nation rich. Likewise, poverty is also a condition created by people. To understand why people are rich or poor, we must understand how they think. An apparently poor land can become incredibly rich through man's actions. Equally, a land full of resources can be full of poor people. Examples of fertile lands with poor people can be found everywhere in Africa. This observation shows that poverty is created by a state of mind rather than the state of place. Any place, anywhere in the world can change its fortune with a change of people's mindset and the right application of knowledge. People can make of a place what they want. Hence, the state of a place is a reflection of its inhabitants' state of mind. A paradise can emerge in the middle of a jungle; likewise, a thriving and vibrant city can be transformed into a desolate land through man's actions. Th e ability of an individual to think is a way by which he can enact and impose his will on earth, thus changing his social conditions.

The present book is for everyone who wants to achieve his potential. A book for everyone who intends to get out of his shell and break the barriers of self-limitation. In this book, you will discover the causes of poverty and how to overcome them. Everything created is conceived in mind. Consequently, the solution to overcome poverty must focus on a mind transformation programme. This resonates well with Africa. For Africa to regain its place of predilection as a thinker, Africans must change the way they think. A change of their mindset will pave their way out of poverty. Poverty in the continent is a sign of Africans' self-betrayal, as Africans try to live other people's lives, following the crowd, resigning to fate and believing little in themselves. Beyond Africa, this book shows that each human being can be a success and achieve beyond measure by using their mind and using it well. You are a success even if you ignore your worth!

Poverty is not in a place; poverty is in the minds.
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