Michel Ngue-Awane

Above the Colonial Subconscious, Africa Moves

Above the Colonial Subconscious, Africa Moves take us through a journey of self-discovery. Although African countries won the physical battle against the colonial powers' occupation, they are still struggling to liberate their minds as a result of derogating, subtle and systematic programming of their subconscious through systems, methods and programmes put in place to control them. The colonial subconscious is a journey of self-discovery. A journey where most pitfalls are unconsciously dug by Africans themselves and the discoveries of these pitfalls lead to a stage of self-actualisation where they finally reach a period of consciousness, taking a firm decision to be themselves and to act together for their common good. Having discovered what hinders their future, and with appreciation of their potential, they take full charge of their destinies, rising above all prejudices and stereotypes, advocating for reparation damages whilst rejecting all forms of subjugations and sub-human treatments. Africans change their strategies to win, leading the way as they did since mankind was created. After all, the first man was born in Africa and the first great civilisation started there. The journey has started and the destination is known. Africa is on the right track for freedom and success.
267 printed pages
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