Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide, Paul Swartout
Paul Swartout

Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide

207 printed pages
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In DetailFor a while now, there has been a buzz around the IT industry regarding continuous delivery and DevOps. This book will provide you with some background information into these two new kids on the block and how they can help you to optimize, streamline and improve the way you work and ultimately how you ship quality software.
“Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide” will provide you with a clear and concise insight into what continuous delivery and DevOps are all about, how to go about preparing for and implementing them and what quantifiable business value they bring. Included within are some tricks and trips based upon real world experiences which may help you reduce the time and effort needed if you were to go it alone.
In this book, you will be taken through a journey of discovery starting with real world successes, how you should prepare, plan for and implement CD and DevOps and what the pitfalls are along the way
We will start looking at the evolution of a typical software house from fledgling start-up through the growing pains that comes with global success to a best of both worlds. We'll delve into the many aspects of what they did to complete this evolution covering topics such as how they realized there was a problem to solve, how they set about preparing for and implementing continuous delivery and DevOps and what tools, techniques and approaches they used along the way – some technical and some not so. If you work within an organization that delivers software, you will be able to plot where you are on the evolutionary scale, understand where you need to do to be more effective, cherry pick the tools, techniques and approaches that work for you and realize the best of both worlds.
“Continuous Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart guide” will provide you with the background and information you need to realize the benefits within your own business
ApproachThis book is both a practical and theoretical guide detailing how to implement continuous delivery and Devops to consistently ship quality software quickly.
Who this book is forWhether you are a freelance software developer, a system administrator working within a corporate business, an IT project manager or a CTO in a startup you will have a common problem; regularly shipping quality software is painful. It needn't be. This book is for anyone who wants to understand how to ship quality software regularly without the pain.
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Юрий Литвинов
Юрий Литвиновshared an impression3 years ago
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Очень интересная и полезная книга, как для инженеров, так и для менеджеров. Там где "The Poenix project" мотивирует на подвиги, этот quickstart guide дает "мясо на костях".

Alex Fedorov
Alex Fedorovhas quoted2 years ago
exposing the elephant; you need to lay down
Артём Прытков
Артём Прытковhas quoted3 years ago
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