Allen Carr

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Control Alcohol

Allen Carr established himself as the world's greatest authority on helping people stop smoking, and his internationally best-selling Easy Way to Stop Smoking has been published in over 40 languages and sold more than 10 million copies.

In this classic guide Allen applies his revolutionary method to drinking. With startling insight into why we drink and clear, simple, step-by-step instructions, he shows you the way to escape from the 'alcohol trap' in the time it takes to read this book.

His unique method removes the feeling of deprivation and works without using willpower. Allen dispels our illusions about alcohol, removes the psychological dependence and sets you free to enjoy life to the full.

“I would be happy to give a medical endorsement of the method to anyone.” Dr PM Bray MB CH.b., MRCGP

“His skill is in removing the psychological dependence” – The Sunday Times.

“A different approach. A stunning success” – The Sun

“I was exhilarated by a new sense of freedom.” – The Independent
313 printed pages

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    b1743133126has quoted2 months ago
    I would define cowardice as: failure to act as my conscience dictates, because of fear of physical injury or ridicule. Does this mean that I would go into a burning building to rescue someone? Not necessarily, I would assess the risk and if I didn’t think it was worth taking, I wouldn’t take it. I would expect to take greater risks for my own family than for strangers.
    Stinehas quoted5 months ago
    Yes, of course it does, but alcoholics know this, and if we bore them with what they already know they’ll switch to another programme.
    Marianne Abild Aanestadhas quoted2 years ago
    mering home that drinking alcohol in moderation is both pleasurable and natural.

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