Ellen G.White

The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels

There is, perhaps, no phase of the Christian church more peculiar to it, nor one that more triumphantly demonstrates its perfect adaptation to human needs, than its possession of what are known as “ spiritual gifts.” The presence of these gifts in the church of apostolic times is universally conceded. They were not only recognized when they appeared, but they were expected. The leaders both instructed the churches as to the reception of these tokens of the divine presence and guidance, and gave needed advice as to the order and decorum that were to govern their manifestation.

The exercise of the miraculous gifts was not intended in any way to supplant or even supersede the regular church officers. On the contrary, the gifts were designed to strengthen the hands of such officers, and to quicken the spiritual life of the church as a whole. They were gracious manifestations of the divine care, evidences that the Spirit was doing His office work in the church, and in times of doubt and uncertainty, or of impending crisis, a means for the direct communication of the divine will to the church…
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