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Roger Scates

Off-Road Welding

Join the ranks of the off-road welding masters. Learn what every true off-road professional should know.

The off-road world can be intimidating. Knowing how to properly construct your off-road vehicle and weld all components together can be a difficult task. Since the complexity regarding off-road vehicles is extremely high, knowing how to weld is not enough in order to become a true expert. That is why the right approach is key in becoming an off-road master.

Luckily this book has exactly what you need. It not only contains information about off-road welding but has also clear and solid instructions on how to design and prepare the most important parts of an off-road vehicle. 
By approaching this subject from all angles, you will expand your knowledge and be on the fastest way to become a welding professional.

Here are some of the points you will find after downloading this book:

— How to properly cut, bend and weld steel tubes

— How to build a tube bumper

— How to design a roll cage

— How to weld exhaust tubing

— How to construct removable half doors

— How to build chassis

— How to deal with various breakdowns

Such a complex craft takes a lot of time and practice to master. However, by learning the right steps you can save a lot of time. The off-road world combines the modern era of automotive with the challenges and beauty of nature. It's a passion that few understand and love.

Order now and start your journey into the off-road world!
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