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Think Like a Psychologist

  • Zhanarhas quoted4 years ago
    People who have high levels of conscientiousness tend to be extremely focused on their goals. They plan things out, focusing on the detailed tasks at hand, and they stick to their schedules. They have better control over their impulses, emotions, and behaviors, such that they are able to focus more of their energy on their professional success. While they may not live as adventurously as their peers, they do tend to live longer, thanks in part to their healthier habits
  • b7949050553has quoted2 years ago
    ▪ conscientiousness
    ▪ agreeableness
    ▪ extraversion
    ▪ openness
    ▪ neuroticism
  • Zhanarhas quoted4 years ago
    Conscientiousness has been linked to better success after training (Woods, Patterson, Koczwara & Sofat, 2016), more effective job performance (Barrick & Mount, 1991), higher job satisfaction, and careers with greater prestige and higher incomes (Judge, Higgins, Thoresen & Barrick, 1999). A study by Soldz and Vaillant (1999) also found that high levels of conscientiousness have helped people better adjust to the challenges of life that will inevitably sneak up on you

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  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    it’s helpful to start from the beginning in terms of how people thought about identity and personality. It will give you a general overview of how to think about people’s behaviors and the motivations behind them.
  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    Knowing yourself and possessing self-awareness allows you to make more mindful decisions that are right for you. The more that you are well-acquainted with yourself, the more you’ll also see that your identity and purpose are wholly within your control.
  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    Both versions of this man know what he prefers as a result of understanding their own personalities. Thus, he places himself in situations he knows are best for him, otherwise he might engage in self-sabotage on a daily basis.
  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    Lacking an understanding of yourself means that you won’t know why you’re behaving in certain ways.
  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    We want to understand them before they open their mouths. We want to be able to see their motivations. We want to be able to protect ourselves. We want to be able to connect and communicate better. We want to be more emotionally intelligent. We want to categorize people so we can treat them more appropriately. We want to know how to appeal to them, romantically or not. We want to be able to tell if they are lying or what their true emotions are, despite their words to the contrary.
  • joyhas quoted15 days ago
    Indeed, deeply understanding people’s histories, experiences, and emotions will certainly let you analyze and read them.
  • jacksongabriella143has quoted15 days ago
    There are nine types that can be identified when taking this test.
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