A Book I'll Never Write, Devon Eaton
Devon Eaton

A Book I'll Never Write

158 printed pages
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“A Book I'll Never Write” is an anthology of collected poems from writer Devon Eaton. It is his first published book. The included poems span a wide range of subjects and themes, covering such topics as love, abuse, suicide, poverty, and many many others.
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Julie Schoonover
Julie Schoonovershared an impressionlast year
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Baile Mabena
Baile Mabenashared an impression2 months ago
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I'm so in love with this book❤❤

gabbisantos1234shared an impression4 years ago
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___.Riiihabhas quoted2 years ago
And as the ashes fade to gray I slowly close my eyes
Knowing I just might not wake when morning lights the skies
Because life is not worth living without you loving me
I'd rather die tonight than miss your memory
htebazilebongshas quotedlast year
I tried to find a flower to match the color of your hair

Only to discover that the species wasn't there

Because despite all of the amazing things that nature can do

It's never made anything quite as beautiful as you
Jessa Frianela
Jessa Frianelahas quotedlast year
Two contrasting powers: my head and my heart

So easy to tell their opinions apart

But there’s always one subject they concur to be true

They have no doubt that I love you
Chase, Wynterchase Addington
Wynterchase Addington
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????????, myalloyd333
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Read ????, Janet ✨
Janet ✨
Read ????
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Lovee, Michael Barnett
Michael Barnett
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I will never write
, b4456669098
I will never write
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