Courtney Peppernell

The Road Between

Poetry for the soul that walks the fine line between losing yourself in the world and finding yourself again, often in the smallest of moments. Courtney Peppernell is the bestselling author of Pillow Thoughts, a collection of poetry and prose about heartbreak, love, and emotion.
Make a cup of tea, find your place, and lose yourself in the pages.

94 printed pages


Jeanne Elisabeth
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Jeanne Elisabeth
Jeanne Elisabethhas quoted7 months ago
It feels like my life is just passing by,

gone with the current and the wind

And I’m fighting for my right

to continue asking why

things happen and people always leave,

and I’m left to sit under the sky

thinking about the things I’ve lost

and all the things I want to achieve

But sometimes people just need space

It’s nothing personal

You just need to let them be
mayaajnrhas quotedlast year
Your mother tells you that

you are a flower

Yet you are wondering

why you have not been picked

But here is a reminder:

the garden has never looked so beautiful
leenaglvzhas quoted2 years ago
Tell yourself the things you would tell someone you love.

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