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Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

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    I don't know; I really don't know,' said Giles, with a rueful countenance. 'I couldn't swear to him.'
    'What do you think?'
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    The persons on whom I have bestowed my dearest love, lie deep in their graves; but, although the happiness and delight of my life lie buried there too, I have not made a coffin of my heart, and sealed it up, forever, on my best affections. Deep affliction has but strengthened and refined them.'
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    Mr. Bumble, the beadle,
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    Mrs. Mann, the good lady of the house,
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    onsideration of sevenpence-halfpenny per small head per week
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    elderly female, who received the culprits at and for the consideration of seven
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    thirteen children of her own, and all on 'em dead except two, and them in the wurkus with me,
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    pauper old woman,
  • Tithi Royhas quoted23 days ago
    the parish boy's progress
  • pattylouis2has quoted2 months ago
    Oh! if when we oppress and grind our fellow-creatures, we bestowed but one thought on the dark evidences of human error, which, like dense and heavy clouds, are rising, slowly it is true, but not less surely, to Heaven, to pour their after-vengeance on our heads; if we heard but one instant, in imagination, the deep testimony of dead men's voices, which no power can stifle, and no pride shut out; where would be the injury and injustice, the suffering, misery, cruelty, and wrong, that each day's life brings with it!
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