Robert C.Worstell

Writing-Publishing Survival Guide

Why This – Why Now?
My muse made me write this.

Just for you.

You're welcome.

Disclaimer: I've been publishing for over a decade and writing for years before that. Self-publishing was started in self-defense against the constant nagging of that muse mentioned above.

Meanwhile, I've enjoyed financial freedom for several years, meaning I fired my last boss some time back. My books started paying my bills and since then have mostly improved in sales from month to month. I live within my means while I increase those means.

The point of this was to do a final “brain dump” to get this data out in a single package of data outlining the essential points of a writing system you can follow.

And it's been called “concise” and “easy to follow” by my advanced readers.

What it doesn't have is a bunch of listicals or authoritative-sounding link-bait. 

The data that supports this book is in another dozen short books I've written and published on the subject. (Check the “bonus” sections from and back to get access to them.) Or you can simply look around wherever you get your ebooks, as I probably have the copies there as well.

I make my living from writing and publishing, rinse, repeat. But I don't make a living from telling people how to write and publish. Generally, I give my hard-won knowledge mostly away for free (if you now where to look – hint: that “bonus” section again…)

In this short book, you get the outline and the bare-knuckle opinion of who I think is worth a damn to learn from. Just because I've spent a lot of time and money on courses that weren't worth it, doesn't mean you should have to.

And there are some wild theories that no one else has proved, but you can be my guest. They work for me. They help me make sense of self-publishing. And I'm about to do a couple of major tests of these, but wanted to let you know in case I don't surface from those adventures.

Meanwhile, it's over to you. Have fun.

Leave a review if you like it. Buy my other books if its worth something to you.

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